Rotator cuff surgery cancelled!

—mahealani trepinski

natural healer, life coach, integrative nutritionist

Dallas, TX

Sleep deprivation relief

—Newy Scruggs

7 x Emmy-Winning Sports Broadcaster

NBC, DAllas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Joint replacement cancelled!

— Dr. Muriel McClellan

Psychologist, Author of Relationships are everything

Relief from chronic shoulder pain affecting photography

— Heidi Padveen

Medical Marketing business owner

Breathing to help calm the nerves and speak better

—Newy Scruggs

7 x Emmy-Winning Sports Broadcaster

NBC, DAllas-Ft. Worth, Texas

chronic low back pain gone with a straw

—Allen Novotny

Retired office worker/stock trader

acute low back pain from the gym goes away!

—Damion Lupo

Founder of Total Control Financial

Best-Selling Author in Personal Finance

Decades-old chronic back and leg pain gone!

— Patti S.

REtired Lawyer


“I couldn’t breathe. I literally could not take a deep breath. I didn’t know it, but I wasn’t breathing out of my mouth at all – just my nose. The emotional and physical stressors of life had settled into my ribcage and it was so rigid, it was permanently expanded. I would try to yawn to take a deep breath, but couldn’t. You might think I was ill or overweight. I’m actually a clinical exercise physiologist who takes care of herself and workouts almost daily. In one session with Dr Amy, she cued me through how to breathe properly, which went against everything I learned dancing for 8 years. During the session she worked on my ribs, shoulders and neck as she cued me through breathing. My body was fighting breathing. It was mental and physical. I didn’t want to let my body relax, but Amy patiently coached me through it. I could feel breath by breath my body softening, relaxing and releasing stress, tightness and trauma. When I stood up I felt like I was breathing fully and effortlessly for the first time. I feel like life was breathed into me. This is the beginning and I will continue to practice and progress.”

— Kelli Calabrese

Wellness Mompreneur, Best Selling Author

Clinical Exercise Physiologist


"I was in a great deal of pain caused by what I later learned was a herniated disc in my neck.  My dominant hand had gone numb and weak.  I was unable to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time at night, struggled to get through most days at work and was heartbroken when I couldn't pick up my grandson who loved to be carried.  

I tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, a month of oral steroids (not a good call) and an epidural steroid injection - all provided little relief.  As a last resort, I scheduled surgery for the first available time, several weeks out.. While waiting, I decided to try some more therapy, and that's where I met Amy,

Amy's approach was a bit unconventional, but I was open and frankly desperate.  She told me on our first visit that her goal was to get me to a point where I didn't need surgery.  I was doubtful but admired her optimism and frankly was desperate.  Amy helped me re-learn how I stand, sit, breath and carry myself.  After several visits, I learned  to relieve the pressure impacting my nerves to a point where the surgery was no longer needed, Amy's goal - and mine!

Amy was the perfect combination of strength at a time in which I didn't have much, understanding of my emotional state when I was living with pain others couldn't see and provided inspiration when I lacked hope.  In short, she was a  blessing to me."

— Anita H.


“If you had asked me a year ago who I was and what activities made me ME, I would have answered that climbing the wilderness mountains of Alaska around my home was one of the biggest parts of my self-identity and fueled my joy. So it was a huge emotional crisis when a year ago, I became unable to walk even a city block, diagnosed with osteoarthritis pain in my hips. I thought my life from then on would be a gradual physical decline which would end that great love of mine.

When Amy came aboard our charter boat, the Auklet, for a five day photography trip in July 2019, I had recovered somewhat through careful adherence to an inflammation diet.  But I was still limping and in continual pain, especially in one hip, and had just made an appointment with my doctor in order to get a referral to a rheumatologist for further analysis of whether I would need hip surgery. 

I watched Amy do a session with some of the other guests on board, and thought that it was interesting. But really, how could just breathing help hip joints like mine that were damaged by physical injury and overuse? How glad I am now that I overcame my resistance, and accepted Amy’s kind and gentle offer of help.

Amy’s technique was unlike anything I had ever encountered. I realized that in my past, I had a plethora of well-meant, but bad teaching from dance instructors, choral and vocal solo teachers and family mentors who taught me what “good” posture was. Amy turned this all upside down, and I had to consciously unlearn what I thought I knew, and teach my body whole new techniques. Amy’s process is not just breathing, but a whole torso readjustment.

After practicing for a day with Amy providing some gentle suggestions, the next morning when I woke up, I found I had slept wrong and could literally not put any weight on my one leg, a problem I had often experienced in the past.  We were on a tight schedule, but we begged 10 minutes, and Amy took me through a quick session. When I got up, THERE WAS NO PAIN! It was entirely gone, and has continued to be when I am practicing Amy’s new process. I had the immediate flexibility to take a full stride and could walk normally.  I was truly shocked and could not believe it. Amy had the knowledge to position pinched muscles to move smoothly. I also learned how to sleep correctly!

I now can hope again, and am looking forward with excited joy to new adventures.  Amy is a treasure and a gift. Thank you so much, Amy, for giving me my life back!”

— Annette Janka

owner-Operator of Auklet Charter services



“Just last week, I injured my back while assisting a patient to move up in the bed. I am a physical therapist at a hospital and have done this maneuver many times, but on that day my back gave out and I felt a pop and was unable to stand upright. For two and a half days straight I rested, iced, and took medication around the clock with only minor improvement in my pain. A colleague of mine recommended I see a chiropractor, which was helpful in improving my movement and reducing my pain intensity. By session two, my posture and mobility had significantly improved, but I was still getting intermittent twinges of pain with walking and stiffness/discomfort with prolonged sitting. Amy had just happen to call to catch up when I shared with her my unfortunate news. She said she could help with my pain and would call me via video to do a session. During our session she asked me simply to sit, relax, and breathe. But what I quickly came to realize was that I did not know how to breathe, correctly that is. And as she patiently coached me, I felt a different sensation from my breath, not just in my nose and chest but throughout my body. When we finished and I got up to stand, it was the best I had felt in 5 days! This is the message I sent to Amy:  

"Thank YOU so much Amy! My mind is blown. I was amazed by how good my back felt once I got up after just doing that short session with you. Definitely going to practice again tonight. Breathing, what?! Game changer. I will definitely keep you posted. So proud of you!

—Desiree Dye, PT, DPT

Virtual Client


"My personal gratitude and thanks to Amy's skill as a physical therapist:  Her actions preserved the use of my arm.

While sailing through the wild waters of the Drake Passage on an old Russian icebreaker in October 2018, I suffered a broken arm when a huge wave slammed the ship.   I was seated in the only chair on the ship NOT bolted to the floor.  The chair and I both flew across the room, crashing into a nearby table.

My arm immediately swelled and developed bruises. The ship's doctor handed me Tylenol and wished me good luck, as there was no imaging equipment on the ship.  For me, this was Day 2 of a 31 day trip.  (The ship itself was scheduled for two weeks out, headed for Snow Hill Island in search of Emperor penguins.)    Had the fracture required surgery, the ship would have been forced to head to the nearest Argentinian naval station to drop me off for a flight home.  I had waited for 10 years for this trip, as getting to Snow Hill Island is not easily accomplished. 

Enter Amy, my room-mate, who also happens to be physical therapist extraordinaire.   She has a gift.  She shares it with patients.  Amy could tell my arm had a fracture somewhere, but like the doctor, didn't know exactly where it was.   However, she knew the arm needed attention if I were to enjoy full use of it again.  It had started to "freeze up", and did not move easily.

Every day, for 12 days, Amy worked my arm for an hour during on-board lectures.  It was at times painful.  Amy watched me, reminding me to breathe when I wanted to hold my breath and grit my teeth.  She had me inhale slowly and exhale slowly, calming my brain as well as relaxing my arm.   Her technique brought almost complete relief to my arm.   

Upon returning home, I saw an orthopedic surgeon who sent me to continue P.T.  I had my last session today., Feb.  18, 2019.  Both of my physical therapists in the U.S. praised Amy's quick action and agree that she is likely responsible for my rehabilitated arm.  Today, I again have full range of motion.  The outcome would have been far different without Amy's work and unique technique with breathing.  She helped me immensely.  BTW-- I used her breathing technique when working with the therapists back in the U.S!   They could learn from Amy.  

I will always be deeply grateful to Amy for her compassion as well as her professional expertise.  What a gift!

Thank you, dearest Amy!   You paid it forward.  I hope I can someday return the kindness.

— Victoria Cooper, Kanab, UT


“I have seen Dr. Amy Novotny 3-4 times during the past 12 years due to injury and 2 shoulder surgeries.  The first shoulder surgery, I had to have because I couldn’t bear the pain at all any more.  I was sent to Amy by pure luck!  My shoulder tried to freeze on us and I did everything I could to get through all the pain daily and through traditional physical therapy.  I used massage, rolls, baths, medication, and even had to mix medication with beer at one point during therapy.  I was in so much pain.  Then Amy and I worked together and fought through it.  She was amazing, but I said I wouldn’t have shoulder surgery ever again unless the pain was as bad as it had been this first time.  Then several years later, I had to search to find Amy, because I knew I didn’t want anyone else to touch me or help me after having another shoulder surgery, but this time it was on the other arm.  By the time I went to surgery, I couldn’t sleep, lay, stand, or anything because I built up calcium I believe in my bursa after having torn my rotator cuff.  This time I went in to see Amy and she handed me a balloon before we started!  I said, “What the heck am I going to do with this?”  I knew already how great Amy was and thought this is ridiculous!  However, that day Amy had me blowing on this balloon and I achieved full motion the first visit without pain medication or anything else!  I was truly amazed!  This second shoulder surgery was definitely much better than the first and recovery was much quicker and less painful with her PABR techniques.  I am a registered nurse and I have many opinions on physical therapy and medical treatments, but Amy is amazing and was my true angel through the hardest of times in my life.  She was even nice to me when I was cussing at her in pain the first time.  I could have never done rehab the second time around without her.  Thank you!!!!

— Monica Lindgren, RN


"When I decided to see Amy for treatment, it was out desperation of excruciating pain in my hips, and in every part of both legs.  I could walk very slowly maybe two blocks and walking our dogs was out of the question.  Getting in and out of a car was problematic.

Treatment sessions were different than any I had experienced with other physical therapists.  I trusted and believed in Amy's approach immediately.  She is able to explain and teach people aspects about movement, tension, posture, balance and a whole lot more.  She is a very kind, compassionate, and perceptive person in addition to her gifts as a physical therapist. Walking the dogs is now a breeze.  Walking myself without any pain for 2.5 miles is pure joy and I am going for more distance, too. 

I  send the highest recommendations for people to see Amy."

— Chris C.


“Amy Novotny is an amazing physical therapist.  She has great bedside manner and is very knowledgeable .  She listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan that not only decreased pain but allowed me to reach my goals. Because of Amy, I was able to resume running and complete my 1st marathon. Additionally, she helped me develop techniques to prevent recurrence of injury. I highly recommend Amy to anyone. Thanks Amy!”

—Dr. Tim Sanford


“Many years of athletics along with a 26 year Law Enforcement career left me with a significant number of injuries and orthopedic issues. Over the years, I have used many different Physical Therapists and Rehab specialists to get me back to health following an injury. Amy is by far my favorite Physical Therapist.

In 2009, I tore my Achilles tendon. Following surgery, I had many choices of PT’s to choose from and my wife recommended Amy. My wife had been a client of Amy’s for a back issue and she raved about Amy’s knowledge and abilities. Upon visiting, I found that she completed a thorough assessment of my injury, my injury history and my capabilities. I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable, caring and professional. She provided an efficient treatment program and explained the purpose and the goal of each exercise. I was able to successfully rehab and get back on my feet.

In the ensuing ten year period, I was unfortunate to have numerous other injuries which required surgery on my neck, shoulder, knees (including a knee replacement) as well as my other Achilles tendon. Amy has been able to help me successfully overcome each injury along with its pain.

Amy’s passion and commitment to her clients is truly top notch. I proudly support and give my highest recommendation of Amy for anyone who requires Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation.

—Arthur Johnson, a raving fan


“There are not enough words to tell you how much you have helped me over the years. From chronic headaches to back pain, neck issues, hand issues and overall wear and tear, you have been able to fix them all. Chronic pain and headaches prevent me from being my best and owning my own business requires a great deal of time and effort. By working with you, I am able to keep my headaches in check and not only heal what ails me, but work on improving my overall physical health. You know how much I hate that darn balloon and straw, but they work. If nothing else, they take my mind off the pain and teach me to focus on my breathing, which helps me also deal with my stress levels. I would highly recommend Amy Novotny to anyone who wants to feel good again. It’s not a quick fix, but a life change that could change your life for the better.” 

— Pam M.


“I had worked with Amy for several years using traditional physical therapy for various ailments over the years.  The last one, a sciatica injury, was the one where she introduced me to PABR. This unique breathing technique, along with massage and stretching enabled me to move without pain within a week.  Four years later, I still use the breathing technique for occasional aches and pains.  It’s amazing how quickly muscle tension is relieved just by breathing and this can be done anywhere, anytime, without special equipment.  I am now living on the East Coast and I miss her dearly.

— Chef Laureen Vance

Effortless Bistro Personal Chef Service, LLC


“I was in a motorcycle accident which resulted in many broken bones and significant brachial plexus nerve damage.  In short, I had a right arm and hand that basically didn’t work from the shoulder down.  I had ‘traditional’ physical therapists working on me for nearly 2 years that got me some limited shoulder movement, though it would slip out of joint regularly, and minimal elbow movement. It was suggested that Amy’s therapy techniques might prove useful to me for generating movement in the shoulder and elbow.  I had watched, in wonder, as Amy worked on patients who were blowing up balloons and breathing through straws.  Odd looking, but I also saw improvements in her patients simply by watching from across the room.  I decided to give her method a try.  Boy, am I glad I did.  I saw increased movement and strength with significantly less pain in my shoulder in a relatively short time.  Progress on movement in the elbow was less dramatic, but it did improve.  My nerve damage was too severe, even with multiple nerve surgeries, to allow for me to have a completely functional right arm/hand, but Amy was able to help me graduate from an arm that required support in a sling almost continually to one that requires no sling and it has some function in my daily life.  The breathing technique taught by Amy is something that I continue to use regularly.  I can honestly feel the difference in the ability to move and also significantly reduced discomfort when thee breathing technique is used regularly.

I know, first hand, that you are an amazing PT. Your methods are different from most PT's, but the dramatic improvement you help patients achieve are undeniable! I'm forever grateful for what you taught me and the function and movement you helped me achieve.”


The Empowered Team LLC


“I was initially referred to Amy Novotny for Physical Therapy several years ago by my Neurophysiatrist after he was concerned about the amount of pain, loss of coordination, balance, movement, and weakness throughout my muscles.  As a patient with a spinal cord injury, complex spinal cord disease, and recovering form cancer treatment, my doctor said Amy had a unique treatment method that he believed would provide great relief and so he referred me to her.

During the evaluation phase, Amy and I discussed goals. I would say that was a difficult task for me.  My spinal cord injury was medically acquired in 2005 and my spinal cord disease is congenital so I never really thought I could recover, or gain back what I had lost since I felt like so much was diminishing quickly.  I also had radiation for left side breast cancer in 2014 and because of the nerve damage from the spinal cord injury and disease, the radiated area was extremely sensitive to touch - which included the use of my left arm and shoulder. My goals at that time were just to be able to complete activities of daily living and enjoy taking hikes along the trails in our local mountains. 

Then, Amy explained her form of Physical Therapy and how beneficial it is to improving the lives of people in pain. I looked at her like, “You have got to be kidding!” “You want me to blow up balloons??” “I can’t even blow out birthday candles on a birthday cake after having my lung destroyed in radiation and you want me to blow up balloons — and you think that will help my pain and mobility?”  I thought, either I am crazy for coming to a place like this or she is crazy for applying this type of medicine on patients and expecting the results to be nothing short of a miracle.

Well, guess what?  Learning how to breathe properly and understanding the timing when breathing was so important to the healing process and it definitely helped me by learning better ways to pull oxygen into the correct areas of my body and use it in my muscles more efficiently and effectively to reduce pain and increase mobility. I believe over time I was able to do a lot more activities of daily living on my own where I felt I was beginning to decline in at home. The fear would turn to anxiety and the anxiety turned into pain and muscle stiffness/spasms, which caused this vicious cycle of an inability to complete some tasks (or what I thought I could not do).  I then started to use those balloons at home as coping strategies as well, hoping if I was able to provide more oxygen throughout my body that I would be able to teach myself to relax and it would eventually decrease my pain and muscle spasms. 

Would I do this again if my doctor prescribed PT to me?  You bet!  In fact, I would advocate for myself and recommend it to the doctor I was seeing about this type of therapy I received in the past and that I would like to return to Amy again as she helped me tremendously before. Thank you, Amy, for the amazing work you do,. You are truly one in a million!  

— Vickie K. 


“After living with back pain for over 20 years, Amy’s therapy has had a life changing effect on my entire body.  When the pain started spreading to a tingling sensation down my arm, I knew I needed more care than the massages I had been using to treat the pain.  I was amazed after the first visit how quickly Amy could assess the situation.  After each appointment, the pain eased and I learned more and more how restricted my range of motion had been until, through her therapy, I was able to better bend and twist my entire upper body.  I was amazed to find so many ailments tied together and with the breathing therapy Amy guided me through, I healed the back pain, range of motion issues, tightness in my chest, and discomfort I felt sitting in certain positions.  Amy’s demeanor is professional, yet very friendly, calming, and encouraging at the same time. Amy is such an inspiration and I gained so much respect for her that I made sure to keep up with the at home exercises so I could proudly return to the next appointment having made progress since my last visit.  I highly recommend Amy as a physical therapist.”

— Sally Ikeda


"Being a long-time Type I diabetic, I approached Amy because of a medical unexplainable runny nose/cough, most likely a result of stress, which was becoming more and more severe with time, and which was making normal life impossible.

The treatment by Amy was exemplary, focusing on the problem, patiently listening to my comments, explaining the treatment approach in detail, and answering all possible questions.

Positive results soon were visible, and whereas before treatment I would be fully exhausted after a few hundred feet walk, I regained the possibility to cover 10 miles without difficulty.

I can only highly recommend Amy and her advanced treatment skills.

I was able to accomplish this with Amy through virtual treatment sessions on Skype from across the world. This method can be explained and learned through video sessions and applied just as if we were in person.”

— GV, France

Virtual Client


“My FaceTime physical therapy sessions with Amy from over 1,500 miles away allowed me to finally be pain free so I could break through the four hour marathon barrier....and more. I had returned to marathon running after a six-year break and found that I could not even break the five-hour time without feeling pain in my legs, knees or hips. When I explained this to Amy, she led me through a series of moves and positions live on-line and in only a few appointments, I was able to do speed work without pain during or afterwards, except of course the muscle burn from the effort. Grateful for her efforts and I still use the lessons today.”

— Jim A., Chicago

Virtual Client


“Amy is an outstanding physical therapist.  I was recovering from a back injury that resulted in chronic back pain when I began working with Amy.   Through her unique exercises and techniques, I was able to significantly reduce my pain levels and increase my strength and stamina.  Before working with Amy, my pain would often result in much of my day being spent in bed.  Amy helped me to be able to get out with my children again for special outings and to spend my day living rather than being in bed.  I went from being unable to reach for objects without causing pain, to being able to reach for things again.  Getting out of bed became easier, walking longer distances and sitting for extended periods of time were all benefits of working with Amy and the exercise program she gave me.  Through her encouragement and doing the prescribed exercises, I was able to increase my endurance and stamina.   Amy helped me get through two pregnancies and recovery with reduced back pain.  If you have tried other physical therapists without the results you wanted, I recommend giving Amy a try.  The breathing techniques she uses for healing are highly effective, and she knows how to help people achieve results in a safe and caring atmosphere.”

— Holli P.  


“I was sent to Amy to get PT following a meniscus tear repair and some osteoarthritis that had set in.  Though my pain was not acute, it was constant and definitely affected daily activities.  I had gotten into the spiral of exercising less and less because it hurt and the less I exercised, the more it hurt. 

The initial consultation with Amy was quite interesting. She made me walk across the room and back and then said to me matter-of-factly “You walk wrong”.  I was 56 years old so it was a little disconcerting!  She showed me some exercises to strengthen weakened muscles and gave me some tips on my posture, which reduced the pain within days.  

Encouraged by the instant results, I continued working with Amy until both my strength and  improved range of motion made me confident enough to return to the gym for cardio classes. 

Amy is a delightful combination of professional, personable and practical. Her solution-based approach and hands-on techniques work.”

—Chris Bontemps-Dorr



I am delighted to be able to recommend Amy Novotny as your physical therapist.  I saw Amy over a two-year span for two different injuries.  One injury was recent, and one occurred 40 years ago.  

I mention the old injury because at the time I was taught breathing techniques for pain control.  I grew up and had three children, again learning breathing techniques.  Naturally I assumed I knew how to breathe through pain.  What Amy has developed is different.  And amazing.  It wasn’t easy, and I still find myself instinctively holding my breath at times, but it has continued to serve me outside of physical therapy.

The other thing I thought I knew prior to seeing Amy – was what good physical therapy looked like.  Because my experience at [a sports related physical therapy office] was so much better than that of most of my friends and/or family members who had gone to various therapists in the East Valley, I naturally thought it was exceptional.  I received 10 minutes of hands on work for every one-hour appointment.  The rest of the time was spent doing exercises and waiting for guidance or for the tech to set up/take off ice packs or electrodes.  

With Amy there was a full half-hour of intense hands-on work.  The next half-hour was spent going over the at home exercises with her assistant.  A full hour of one-on-one care.  

When I compare that to the sessions where there were 12 to 15 patients in a room with two physical therapists (and ESPN blaring on the television) I become a bit angry.  I spent over $800.00 on co-pays at my former PT.   I thought I was healing but when the cortisone shots wore off the pain was worse than when I started.  

Not only does Amy provide an almost unheard of level of care, but she is always on time.  Without fail.  This is the sort of thing one would hope would be standard for any professional but sadly it is unusual enough to warrant mention.  

I understand that Amy is in a different situation than when I was her patient.  Which makes my next observation perhaps irrelevant.  One time Amy’s assistant was out sick and one of the other techs in the office was subbing.  The tech was setting up the tens equipment, Amy saw that she was not doing it properly and politely corrected her.  The tech shrugged and said, “this is the way I always do it”.  Amy didn’t raise her voice but was able to project authority.  She told the tech to stop and do it the way she told her.  She then briefly explained why doing it wrong could cause the patient harm.  The tech finished doing it correctly, and Amy assured me that this would not happen again.  It didn’t.  It was reassuring to see firsthand that Amy valued patient care more than being popular.  

I apologize for going so long – I truly believe in Amy and wanted to explain why I recommend her without reservation.”  

-PennyAnn Wood,

Chandler, Arizona


“I had the pleasure of meeting Amy in 2017 after a bad car accident in which I broke my wrist and 2 fingers.   Having been to many Physical Therapists over the years for various treatments, it was refreshing to find someone who genuinely cared and was committed to positive results.  I had been in a lot of pain for several months with minimal mobility in my right hand and within minutes of my initial evaluation with Amy, I knew she was the right person for the task at hand.   Amy introduced me to the balloon technique, which is still something I use to this day as needed.   My initial reaction to this, was uncertainty and just couldn’t wrap myself around on how blowing into a balloon could help me.  After about 15 minutes of blowing into the balloon, I felt immediate results and suddenly I was able to move my fingers and extend my wrist in ways I couldn’t before. 

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone.  She is not only knowledgeable in her field, she is also gifted at what she does.  She cares and explains things to you in way that you will understand.  If there ever comes a time that I need therapy in the near future, she will be the first one I call. “ 

— Lori Brown

Vice President of Operations &  Talent Acquisitions

Oar Staffing


I appreciate the physical therapy you administered to me. My back pain and stiffness was reduced significantly with the program you designed for me. Also, knowing my physical abilities and handicaps, the program you prescribed for my 'at-home' exercises were easy to follow and I was able to further the results I received from you. Thank you very much for your knowledge and professionalism. I would recommend you to anyone that is serious about having the very best in the market.

— Mary Traylor


I met Amy Novotny four years ago just days after surgery. Amy’s expertise and persistence allows me full use of my left arm after rotator cuff surgery. She is professional, motivational and extremely caring in her determination to help her patients reach their fullest mobility. I continue to recommend Amy Novotny to anyone in need of physical therapy. 

— P. Orlando


“Amy was my physical therapist after two major foot reconstruction surgeries. I saw her for months. She helped me learn to walk normally again, and be able to lead an active life. She is an amazing therapist. She is extremely professional and caring, and fascinating to talk to. Amy uses various, sometimes non-traditional methods to relieve pain, and help her patients recover from their injuries, surgeries, etc. Amy is highly knowledgeable and talented. You will not be disappointed.” 

— Julie Culton


"When I first came to Amy, I honestly had no idea what to expect. For years I had been running on legs that were practically made of stone; always tight and sore, burning whenever I ran, especially in my calves. It felt like an iron clamp squeezing my legs until they would explode, and soon it started affecting my speed. I tried rolling out, stretching, and even visited the supposed-best physical therapy place in Arizona, where many Olympic athletes had been treated. None of this worked in the slightest, or, if it did, it was fleeting. I was at a loss, and running was turning from a passion into a painful chore. So, doubtful, I went to Amy expecting another half-answer that would barely solve anything.

It was evident early on that Amy was different. In the first few appointments I had already learned so much about my body that I didn’t know before; for starters, the problem’s origin was in my back, not my calves. It seemed bizarre to think that leg pain was being caused by tensing up my back too much when I breathed, but that’s exactly what the problem was. You don’t realize how much breathing affects your entire body until you go to Amy, and now I am happily running pain-free. Sure, occasionally I get tightness, but now I have the tools and knowledge to make it go away by the very next day. I adore my sport, and because of Amy I can participate in it again.

Amy knows what she’s doing, and she is a truly kind and caring PT. She supports and is invested in every one of her patients, and I am extremely lucky to have met her. Even if all this stuff sounds weird to you, it works; trust me. Amy will change your life. "

— Kelsey gabriel


“I first met Amy after surgery for trigger finger. Her bedside manner was professional and she was very thorough. I regained full mobility and strength due to her treatment. My second meeting was for a knee injury. Again, she helped me get back to full usage and strength in a short period of time! I have recommended Amy to friends and would highly recommend her to anyone who may need rehabilitation therapy!”

— John Toliver


Toliver’s Carpet One Floor & Home


Amy Novotny, a Physical Therapist at the PABR Institute, treated me in 2018 for a limp I developed after a total hip replacement I had done in 2013.  I had physical therapy done in three places previous to Ms. Novotny treating me with not a positive outcome. The results were outstanding! Her breathing techniques and exercises, along with her hands on manipulation, made a significant improvement in my ability to walk without a limp. She listened to my issues, paid careful attention to how I performed by exercises and was very instructive.  She was a pleasure to have treating me. I would highly recommend her as a physical therapist.


— Pat M.


When I first went to Amy I did not know what to expect. But after a few sessions, my back pain was gone and I was back playing pickle ball. Amy’s approach to treatment is very effective. I strongly recommend Amy and her treatment plan to give you pain relief. It certainly worked for me.

— D.G.


I worked with Amy to help with pain issues as a result of back herniations from my job as a firefighter.  Her approach is unique and life altering.  I have tried the typical physical therapy where I am in a gym with a list of exercises and minimal instruction.  Then waiting for the physical therapy to finish with a patient and work on my issues.  Amy is well structured and predictable.  I had either Amy instructing me with hands on therapy or her assistant by my side ensuring I was doing my exercises properly.  I can’t say enough good things about Amy. She truly has a passion for what she does.

— K.B.


“Amy Novotny has worked with me a number of times over the years. My major problems were a bad shoulder, leg surgery and right thumb joint replacement. I have always found her to be professional, caring and knowledgeable. She also encourages good eating habits and worked with me to lose 20 lbs, which helped my leg surgery problems.

I would recommend her for any type of physical therapy on any area of the body. She also makes sure she is up on the latest there in in the PT world. She is very dedicated to her healing of the body as a whole. 

— Ann Gold