Dr. Amy Novotny, Founder of PABR Institute™, 2 x 100 mile ultra marathoner, 4 x Boston Marathoner, award-winning photographer

Dr. Amy Novotny, Founder of PABR Institute™, 2 x 100 mile ultra marathoner, 4 x Boston Marathoner, award-winning photographer

Life is a gift

Learn to Live it Pain free

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Why PABR™?

There are many approaches to pain relief in the healthcare community, but it can be difficult finding the correct solution to help your body heal. At the PABR Institute™, we specialize in knowledge of how the nervous system works to give us both movement and protection. Unfortunately, if this system has been overactive for too long because of daily stresses or injuries, we become stuck in patterns and compensations. This leads to pain and poor mobility. The PABR™ approach works with your body’s inherent healing system to show you how to get out of pain, restore your mobility and rediscover your life!

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—Newy Scruggs

7 x Emmy-Winning Sports Broadcaster

NBC, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas


—Dr. Muriel McClellan

Psychologist, Author of "Relationships are everything”

"When I first came to Amy, I honestly had no idea what to expect. For years I had been running on legs that were practically made of stone; always tight and sore, burning whenever I ran, especially in my calves. It felt like an iron clamp squeezing my legs until they would explode, and soon it started affecting my speed. I tried rolling out, stretching, and even visited the supposed-best physical therapy place in Arizona, where many Olympic athletes had been treated. None of this worked in the slightest, or, if it did, it was fleeting. I was at a loss, and running was turning from a passion into a painful chore. So, doubtful, I went to Amy expecting another half-answer that would barely solve anything.

It was evident early on that Amy was different. In the first few appointments I had already learned so much about my body that I didn’t know before; for starters, the problem’s origin was in my back, not my calves. It seemed bizarre to think that leg pain was being caused by tensing up my back too much when I breathed, but that’s exactly what the problem was. You don’t realize how much breathing affects your entire body until you go to Amy, and now I am happily running pain-free. Sure, occasionally I get tightness, but now I have the tools and knowledge to make it go away by the very next day. I adore my sport, and because of Amy I can participate in it again.

Amy knows what she’s doing, and she is a truly kind and caring PT. She supports and is invested in every one of her patients, and I am extremely lucky to have met her. Even if all this stuff sounds weird to you, it works; trust me. Amy will change your life. "

— Kelsey gabriel

“I first met Amy after surgery for trigger finger. Her bedside manner was professional and she was very thorough. I regained full mobility and strength due to her treatment. My second meeting was for a knee injury. Again, she helped me get back to full usage and strength in a short period of time! I have recommended Amy to friends and would highly recommend her to anyone who may need rehabilitation therapy!”

— John Toliver


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