real life real equity podcast

Justin and Keisha Brooks, an entrepreneurial couple with almost a decade of experience in real estate investing and business interview Dr. Amy Novotny about her journey as a new entrepreneur this year. Justin, a US Navy Veteran and Keisha, an alumni of Columbia College operate a real estate investment fund (REIF) that specializes in developing Assisted Living Homes. They manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets. They wanted to share the PABR Method ™ with their listeners who are often in high-stress situations with their businesses. Please visit their website at


Interview with 2-time us Memory champion and speaker, ron white

Ron White, two-time US memory champion and founder of Black Belt Memory, interviews Dr. Amy Novotny about how breathing can affect anxiety, focus and memory.  He posted this interview on his YouTube channel that has almost 300,000 subscribers who benefit from his videos on memory tips and more.  He was interested in how the PABR Method™ can help him and his viewers combat the stress and anxiety that plagues so many of us in this fast-paced world.  Ron is one of the top memory experts in the world and has been featured on the History Channel show Stan Lee’s “Super Humans” as The Memory Expert, the National Geographic Channel show “Brain Games” as their memory expert in season 1, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Show, FOX and Friends, the CBS Evening News, CBS Early Show, FOX and NBC.  He is well known for memorizing the names of more than 2,300 American service members killed in Afghanistan and recently wrote out the names on Fox News on July 4, 2019.  Please visit his website to learn more:


ABC15 Sonoran Living Segment

July 31, 2019

Dr. Amy Novotny explains the PABR method to ABC15’s Sonoran Living host, Terri Ouellette interviews Dr. Amy Novotny about the PABR Method™ and how it provides relief to clients suffereing from pain, sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and more. Dr. Muriel McClellan joins the interview to talk about how she canceled her knee replacement surgery after seeing Dr. Amy for a few visits, despite being bone-on-bone and having tried cortisone injections, anti-inflammatories and more. She has been pain-free since 2016 and off all anti-inflammatory medications. Terri then discusses how she became a client of Dr. Amy after recording this show to help with esophageal issues and has noticed the benefit! Sonoran Living airs on weekdays at 9:00am for a full hour and features local Arizona business and ideas that help their viewers. Please visit their website,, for more information.

“tell me your story” radio show / podcast interview

Richard Dugan, radio/podcast host of Tell Me Your Story based in Santa Barbara, California interviews Dr. Amy Novotny about pain, inflammation, diet, stress and health in general. Richard has been interviewing artists, scientists, healthcare providers, innovators and more for over 30 years. His radio show has been on air since 2007 with the mission “to bring as many different points of view, from around the circle, into your view, to assist you in expanding your life and living. To assist in the positive evolution of mankind and bringing about a greater awareness of self and others in order to create the kind of world YOU want. A world in which we all can search for, find and fulfill our 'first best destiny'.” Please listen to the interview above to learn more about your body and visit the Tell Me Your Story website to listen to more of Richard’s interviews here and support his mission.

abc15’s Sonoran Living Interview REcording

Dr. Amy Novotny explains the PABR method to ABC15’s Sonoran Living hosts, Susan Casper and Terri Ouellette prior to recording the show segment. Sonoran Living airs on weekdays at 9:00am for a full hour and features local Arizona business and ideas that help their viewers. Please visit their website,, for more information. The interview will go on air soon and include some actual breathing tips and a client testimonial who avoided a knee replacement surgery after eliminating her knee pain after just a few visits with Dr. Amy! Stay tuned!

Interview with Cabin Talk’s Claudia Stauber

Claudia Stauber, host of YouTube’s very popular Cabin Talk, interviews Dr. Amy Novotny about her journey from traditional physical therapy to the PABR method and how we can get out of pain by adjusting our body position and breathing. Claudia features guests weekly on her show to provide viewers with new ideas and concepts to improve their lives and their community. She interviews people of all subject matters in an effort to seek truth despite many ideas and beliefs being passed from person to person without a true understanding. Please visit her YouTube station to see more of her interviews:

Dr. Sky Radio Interview

Steve Kates, a.k.a. “Dr. Sky,” a radio and television personality based in Phoenix, Arizona interviews Dr. Amy Novotny about the PABR Institute, marathon and ultra-marathon running and photography. Dr. Sky can be seen on a regular basis on programs including 3TV’s “Good Morning Arizona” and Fox 10′s “Arizona Morning”, sharing the secrets of the night sky and other related events. In the radio world, he has been a contributor to programs including KFYI’s Wake Up Arizona and has been a regular with KXAM’s 1310 AM radio personality Bill Straus, “Straus’ Place.” His Dr. Sky radio show has educated listeners for over 10 years on topics of astronomy, weather, space, aviation as well as health and nutrition. Dr. Amy has personally attended many of his astronomy events over the years to learn about the night sky. Please visit  to learn more, attend his local events throughout Arizona and to listen to his educational programs.

Interview with Professional Speaker and trainer, Sean G. Murphy

Professional trainer, awakener and inspirational speaker, Sean G. Murphy, interview Dr. Amy Novotny about her PABR method of treatment after hearing her speak and present at Kyle Wilson’s Inner Circle Mastermind ( in Dallas, Texas. Sean has 30+ years of experience in the mastery of sales training and in an expert in motivation, inspiration and accountability. He is the founder of Mental Profits, a training and consulting company that takes marketing messages and marketing content and turns it into client acquisition and increased sales volume. Please learn more about Sean at